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There is no reason to live with and struggle from hearing loss! Improving your ability to hear can improve your quality of life. That is why Discount Hearing Australia have dedicated our service to ensure that we can provide superior audiological service to our clients.

Your Sydney Audiology Experts

The decision to purchase hearing aids is a big step, and we can help you with it. It will help you improve your ability to hear and communicate well. But finding honest and independent advice can be difficult. This is where we come in. We commit to providing quality and honest advice to our clients who need help in terms of hearing problems. From offering hearing tests, we can also deliver services that include hearing aids and after care.

Our Audiology Services

When it comes to finding an expert on audiology in Sydney, you can turn to Discount Hearing Australia. You may be looking for diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss from an audiologist. What are the common signs of hearing loss? Here are some of the symptoms to watch out for:

  •         If you have trouble hearing in noisy places;
  •         If you have trouble understanding what people say (without the need to repeat them);
  •         If you are unable to follow conversations;
  •         If you are unable to decipher muffled sounds;
  •         If you need to turn the TV or other devices’ volume louder;
  •         If you hear a buzzing or ringing in your ear/s;
  •         If you are more sensitive to loud noises.

There are different causes for each of the symptoms listed above. These causes, along with the symptoms, must be taken into account when performing hearing tests as they can determine the appropriate treatment. If the treatment is not matched to the cause of the hearing loss problem, it won’t deliver long-term solutions.

Trusted and Accredited Sydney Audiologists

We have a team of some of the best expert audiologist Sydney has to offer. Our audiologists are accredited and so are our clinics. Each member of the team is handpicked for their affiliation with some of the most notable accrediting bodies in the field of audiology. This is how you can ensure that we can offer the best and most experienced professionals qualified to cater to your hearing loss problem.

A basic requirement for our audiology team in Sydney is to possess a Master’s degree in Audiology. A registration and membership with The Audiology Society of Australia is a must, too. Meanwhile, we require our audiometrists to hold the TAFE Certificate in Hearing Aid Audiometry to ensure that they have proper training.

We understand the broad responsibilities given to us as part of the Discount Hearing Australia team. We want to make sure that our team can provide diagnosis, testing, and rehabilitation of hearing impairments, no matter what the cause. Aside from the degree and certification, we conduct our own professional development programs on an annual basis. It is part of our commitment to ensure that our team members maintain high quality professional standards.



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