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Signia Hearing Aids

Signia Logo

Signia is one of the global leaders in the hearing aid industry. They are popular for a reason – the brand has had a long history of committing itself to setting higher standards in hearing aid technology. The brand was known as Siemens when it first made its way into the market. It was eventually renamed into Signia as part…

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Unitron Hearing Aids

Moxi All rechargeable connects to all mobile phones

Unitron is a Canadian brand that manufactures hearing aids. This is one of only few hearing aid manufacturers that are based outside of Europe. But while they may not be one of the top performers when it comes to hearing aid sales, this company has slowly made a name for itself. In particular, the brand has committed to developing hearing…

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Phonak Hearing Aid Models, Prices & Reviews

Phonak Virto-B Titanium

Phonak is a brand known for manufacturing quality hearing aids. The company has dedicated itself to developing easy-to-use hearing aids that are equipped with the latest technology. It is part of their commitment to improving the quality of life for its users, especially those dealing with hearing impairment. Phonak Virto B The Phonak Virto B range of hearing aids offer…

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What Does an Audiologist Do?

role of audiologist

The most basic way to describe the role of an audiologist is to certify hearing impairment of an individual. Based on the diagnosis, they recommend the use of hearing aids. What Does an Audiologist Do? Audiologists are medically trained professionals with expertise on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of hearing disorders. They are trained to treat hearing disorders for people…

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Audiology Sydney

There is no reason to live with and struggle from hearing loss! Improving your ability to hear can improve your quality of life. That is why Discount Hearing Australia have dedicated our service to ensure that we can provide superior audiological service to our clients. Your Sydney Audiology Experts The decision to purchase hearing aids is a big step, and we…

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