Costco is one of many big box stores that consumers go to for shopping. But did you know that they also offer Costco hearing aids in-store? Is it a worthy place to get your hearing aids from? If you are diagnosed with hearing disorder, it is important to evaluate the devices you use to restore your hearing ability.

About Costco Hearing Aids in Australia

When it comes to your hearing aids, you should never compromise. Costco hearing aids are great if you are looking for a cheap price on your device. But cheap does not always equate to quality. You should always look for quality when it comes to buying hearing aids – ideally, on brands that are personally recommended by your audiologist.

At Costco, they have their own brand of hearing aids that they offer. This means that their offerings are locked to a specific supplier. In the case of Costco, they offer Kirkland hearing aids.

A Word of Warning About Costco Hearing Aids

Costco Hearing Aids might be one of the first low cost options that people in need of hearing aids would consider. But before you do, you need to thoroughly consider if they are the best option available. In particular, there are downsides to buying your hearing aids from Costco that should be evaluated carefully.

Some might think that convenience is an advantage to buying Costco hearing aids. On the contrary, it could involve more out-of-pocket costs in the long run. While Costco does provide hearing tests and consultation on site, you will need to return to Costco for any servicing, so you need to live nearby otherwise you’ll be faced with a significant inconvenience. 

In some instances, Costco hearing aids are also locked in on a specific supplier – Kirkland. If you move to a new area without a Costco branch, you won’t be able to get your device serviced. This would cause issues when you need to have them adjusted or repaired. They do stock brands you can find in other supplies, but you’ll always be required to return to Costco branches for servicing.

Costco sells a limited range of hearing aid brands compared to other suppliers like Discount Hearing Australia, so this will limit your choice of options. You really want to try a number of options best suited to your situation before arriving at a final decision. Ultimately, Discount Hearing Australia offers a price match guarantee so you won’t pay more when you see our specialists. 

costco hearing aid price match
Discount Hearing Australia Price Match Guarantee

Why You Should See Qualified Audiologists

Seeing an audiologist with proper qualification and certification should be made priority when you have hearing disorders. When an audiologist is properly certified, this is guarantee that they have undergone proper training and study about hearing disorders and how to resolve them. This makes them qualified to examine someone like you with hearing problems and to make the proper diagnosis.

Contrary to popular belief, performing hearing tests and diagnosing a patient is quite complex. There are several variations of hearing disorders and the causes can be difficult to decipher. These factors are taken into account in the diagnosis to ensure that proper hearing aids are provided for treatment.

Your initial appointment with an audiologist will be about taking note of your personal medical history. An initial assessment is also performed by listing down the symptoms and physical examination of the ear (or affected ears). The next step is to perform hearing tests that only certified audiologists can oversee. Based on the hearing tests, they will produce a diagnosis and recommend treatment solutions.

But the work of an audiologist is not done yet. They will be responsible for the follow-up care and support for the patient. It is their responsibility to inform patients about the proper use of hearing aids to ensure that they are working. They will also be the one responsible for the care and maintenance of these devices.

How to Find Low Cost Hearing Aids

Getting the best value when you buy hearing aids is not only about finding the lowest prices. Just because you paid less for a hearing aid, it does not mean that it was a valuable purchase. Focus on finding services that provide support from end to end – meaning, from conducting hearing tests and evaluations, to fitting your hearing aids, and maintenance of the device.

That is why you need to start your search for low cost hearing aids at Discount Hearing Australia. We have 10% price beat guarantee on all of our hearing aids. This is made possible by our partnership with some of the best hearing aid manufacturers in Australia. But if you can find a lower price elsewhere, we can price match that. When you buy our hearing aids, you can choose from top brands like Audifon, Oticon, Signia, Hansaton, Starkey, and many more. We have an in-clinic consultation for free so you can have access to the most modern devices for testing. This is how you can guarantee that your hearing aids are the ultimate solution for your hearing disorder.

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