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Hearing Aid is a Medical Instruments designed to help hearing impaired individuals to hear the sounds that are outside their hearing threshold.

Your hearing care specialist will create a rehabilitation program to ensure a maximum benefit.

The size of hearing aids depend on the shape of the ear canal. IIC (Invisible In Ear) model is the smallest hearing instrument. However, the size, technology level and power of the hearing instrument depends on individual’s hearing loss, physical shape of the ear and lifestyle.

We offer 4 different levels of technology and all the models from the smallest IIC through to Super and Ultra power BTE (Behind the Ear) depending on your budget and hearing requirements. You can read more about our hearing aid technology here.

We have number of clinics where you can get hearing aids prescribed and fitted by professional Audiologist. View our clinic locations.

In some cases we can offer payment plan. Please speak to us to discuss your options today.

Medicare covers portion of a hearing test but does not cover for hearing aids. However, some private health funds provide rebates depending on the private fund you are with and the cover level that you have. Pensioners can get basic hearing aids for free.

Absolutely, you can view all our prices for each hearing aid product here.

We offer premium quality hearing aids at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today to find the right device for you!

  • OHS (Office of Hearing Services) provides hearing aid vouchers to Australian pensioners
  • WorkCover Insurance provides assistance and compensation if hearing loss caused by exposure to noisy work environment (different law applies State by State)
  • Private Health Insurance may contribute towards purchase of hearing aid(s) depending on level of the insurance cover.

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