Making a decision on the best hearing aid for you or your loved ones can seem like a big decision. There are many technical factors to weigh up, including noise reduction, feedback and speech detection before ultimately considering the price. Hearing aids are an essential but often expensive item so finding the right balance between features and price is important for consumers.

This help article will map out the most important features to consider when buying hearing aids, allowing you to find a good quality hearing aid at an affordable price.  

Feedback cancellation

This feature helps to reduce any annoying whistling sounds that some devices can make and it’s an essential feature that you need to look out for. Some budget hearing aids will no include this feature, however without it turning up the volume could be a pain as the whistling sensation will increase.

Background noise reduction

This feature allows wearers to hear people speak clearly by blocking out background sounds. This doesn’t mean that wearers won’t struggle to hear in noisy situations or environments, but it is a must-have feature in any device. It can be called different things by different manufacturers, but ultimately it simply minimises background noise.

Telephone features

Ideally you should be finding a hearing aid that makes hearing on the phone easier. This is a common problem for hearing aid users and the solution options can vary from brand to brand. Hansaton hearing aids call this feature PhoneConnect, but whichever brand you choose it’s advisable to test out the feature to be sure it works for you. Also note that there will be a money back guarantee from any decent retailer, so you will have time to trial the feature out.

hearing aid for phones 

Minimum Number of Channels – 6

It a basic sense, the more channels the better. The reason is that this provides more opportunities to for your provider to tune the device to the right frequency band for you. Less than six channels is considered substandard so as a general rule ensure the device has six or more channels before proceeding.

Minimum Number of Programs – 3

You also need options with programs so that you can change the amplification depending on your environment you are in. Indoors, outdoors, parties, classrooms or driving, these may all require a different channel. Be sure to find a hearing aid with a minimum of three channels as that should provide the minimum amount of choice you’ll require.

Just remember to keep these features in mind when shopping and you will be much better equipped to find the right product for you.  

Advancements in Hearing Technology – Everyone Wins

The good news for consumers is that technology advancements are constantly raising the standard of hearing devices available on the market. This means that there’s higher spec products available on the market along with a greater range than you would have found five or 10 years ago.

Newer innovations result in reduced prices of previous generation products, and this is a win for consumers who are not caught up with having the latest or newest models.

There is a line between cost and performance that consumers need to find for themselves, however if you keep the features in mind that we discussed in this article, you’ll be one step closer to finding the perfect hearing aid for you.