Your Options and Choices

For people with hearing problems, a hearing aid can be a lifeline. If you have been diagnosed with a hearing condition, you need to have yourself fitted to restore your hearing ability. Hearing aids can be expensive (depending on the type and brand). It therefore pays to know what your options are so you can make the right investment.

The first thing you must do is check out potential sellers locally or online. When buying online, make sure they have a certified audiologist to perform the assessment and fitting. The next step is to evaluate the price. Do not be lured into thinking that more expensive hearing aids are better – some might have fancy features you don’t really need. It is best to get your audiologist’s recommendation on the best brand and style. Be wary of hearing aids sold at exceptionally low prices as they might not be on par as far as quality is concerned.

Where Should You Buy a Hearing Aid?

Choosing where to buy your hearing aid in Australia is vital to ensure quality. There are many hearing aid sellers these days and they are not all equal in quality. In particular, if you are searching for discount hearing aids, you need to be more cautious.

One of the things that you should consider when choosing where to buy a hearing aid is the brand selection. Make sure that you choose ones that stock up on high quality brands that are known for their performance and reliability. At the same time, it is important to choose a brand that can be easily serviced or repaired in the event of damage.

When choosing where to buy a hearing aid, go for ones that offer a free hearing test. This is an important step to ensure that you have a hearing device that can address your hearing problem and offers ideal fit. Ideally, you must have access to a qualified audiologist. They are the ones with the training and expertise to recommend the best hearing aid to match your needs and lifestyle.

Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinics in Australia

Australia is home to many hearing aid and audiology clinics. If you have hearing disorder, you should have no trouble finding one.

It is also to your advantage to buy hearing aids from those operated by experienced and certified audiologists. There are many fly-by-night operations that might entice you with low prices. But professional audiologists spent years of study and invested on the best equipment to ensure proper and accurate assessment of your condition. This is how you can guarantee that you have a hearing aid that will address your hearing problems.

Government Hearing Aids Subsidy

The Office of the Hearing Services is a subsidiary of the Department of Health. It is focused primarily on providing support for eligible individuals in need of hearing services. Among the services provided by this branch of the Department of Health include full audiological assessment, access to hearing aids, and subsidies.

The first thing you need to know about the government hearing aids subsidy is whether you are eligible or not. Among those who will qualify are as follows:

  •         Older/senior citizen Australians
  •         Those under 26 years old
  •         Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders 
  •         Australian Defence Force members
  •         Veterans

There are specific qualification requirements for each so make sure to look into the list of requirements. This is intended to provide proof of your eligibility so you can qualify for the subsidy and other benefits.

Once you are determined eligible for the program, you can enjoy comprehensive hearing assessment. You can also enjoy full or partial subsidy when you buy hearing aids. When it comes to receiving free hearing aids from the government, this will only be applicable on certain devices. Some of these hearing devices are even offered free under the OHS voucher program. For those devices that do not belong to this list, you can expect partial subsidy.

You can visit the Hearing Services Program of the Department of Health if you want to learn more about this program.

Hearing Aid Prices Australia

The cost of hearing aids is the first major concern for anyone diagnosed with hearing disorders. For those who are looking for hearing aids in Australia, the cost will vary significantly. There are many retailers and providers these days that enable the prices to stay competitive. But it will also vary on the type of hearing aid required for your specific hearing problem. Some might require mild hearing assistance while others require something more advanced.

On average, the cost of hearing aids (per pair) is about $5,000 to $6,000 for premium hearing aids. This type of hearing aid will last you for an average of 5 years use. This means you are paying approximately $1,000 to $1,200 per pair a year (or $2.7-$3.3 a day). These numbers only apply for premium, high-quality hearing aids so it is possible to find ones that cost significantly less.

Why do hearing aids cost a lot? When you buy hearing aids, you are not just paying for the device. You are also paying for the entire service – clinical assessment of hearing disorder and the fitting of the hearing devices. The hearing aid is also a product of years of scientific research to develop the most effective hearing aid technology. Lastly, the supply and demand can be a factor that will impact the prices of hearing aids in the Australian market.

What is the Hearing Aid Bank?

Hearing aid bank is a program that is run by volunteers across various states and territories in Australia. What this program does is to recondition hearing aids that had been donated to them by various individuals. Once the hearing aids are reconditioned, they are distributed back to individuals who are in need of but cannot afford them.

People who come to a hearing aid bank must be tested to ensure that they comply with eligibility criteria. This is recommended for individuals who fail to qualify for the Australian Government Hearing Services program. It enables you to get fitted for a hearing aid at a reduced cost. Aside from those who did not qualify, the people who cannot afford to buy a hearing aid are also prioritized by the hearing aid bank.

When a user no longer needs the hearing aid, they can donate their hearing aid back to the bank. This will make it possible for others to benefit from their use. There are various hearing aid banks in different locations in Australia. Make sure to find one nearest to you so you can take the opportunity to get your hearing devices at a reduced cost.


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