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The sound XC battery-operated hearing system’s delicate, sophisticated designer housing is practically invisible when worn, and fits the shape of your ear comfortably. Besides its appealing design, the sound XC’s true “wow” factors lie in the brilliant sound it offers from the first moment on, and in the practical functions it provides to help with everyday life. The hearing systems make it easy to chat on a smartphone, listen to concerts or podcasts through streaming apps, or enjoy your favourite TV show*. Bluetooth® turns these little helpers into wireless headphones – a safe, hands-free listening option for a variety of end-user devices, such as phones, tablets, or computers. Discover the beautiful sound XC hearing systems in the EXCITE product family for yourself!

Price is per hearing aid.

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  • Hands-free calls thanks to 2.4GHz Technology
  • Streams Bluetooth directly to all smart phone operating systems around the world, turning it into wireless headphones
  • They can distinguish between speech and music signals, so that you can enjoy exceptional sound quality.
  • Streaming from the TV straight to the hearing system Via the TV Connector
  • Video calls made easy by using the hearing system
  • IP68 – certified: The plasma-coated surface protects the system from external influences, such as dirt and moisture
  • Ease to locate rocker switch for fast acceptance of telephone calls
  • The optimally shaped battery door enables quick battery exchanges
  • Available in six different housing colours: Sterling Silver, cloudy grey, sandy beige, Space Titan, Carbon Black & Sparkling Bronze.
Hansaton AQ Sound XC
Hansaton TV Connector

TV Connector.

Using the TV Connector, television, stereo systems and other audio devices can be directly connected to your STREAM hearing devices for an outstanding binaural sound experience. You can stream the sound to the hearing systems at a distance of up to 50 feet from the TV Connector. Because natural hearing connects.

Hansaton Stream Remote APP
Screenshots from the iPhone and the Android Smart Phone

Hansaton Stream remote

Hansaton Stream remote app lets you control your Hansaton SHD Steam hearing systems remotely from your smart phone. The app can be used to change the volume, switch between the hearing instrument programs or connect and disconnect from a TV Connector. In addition to that, you can use the remote app to control the noise levels from the Tinnitus programs if such program is required and selected by your hearing care professional.

The Hansaton Stream Remote APP is available as a FREE download from Google Play or App Store depending on the model of your Smart Phone.

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