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Custom Hearing Aid Models are available in many different sizes: IIC, CIC, Mini ITC, ITC, Half shell, Full Shell.

IIC: Invisible in the canal
IIC: (Invisible in the canal)

IIC: (Invisible in the canal) refers to the smallest possible hearing aid that sits completely within the ear canal to the point where it is no longer visible. This type of device is perfect for clients who want a discrete product. The devices can be fitted to patients with a mild to moderate levels of hearing loss.

CIC: Completely in the canal
CIC: (Completely in the canal)

CIC: (Completely in the canal) are models of hearing aids that are slightly larger than IIC models however are still very difficult to see in the ear, and therefore are still a discrete solution for a patient’s hearing loss. Advantages of having a slightly larger model is that more technological components such as wireless connectivity can be fitted to the product, as well as directional microphones for better reduction of the background noise.

MINI ITC & ITC: In the canal
MINI ITC & ITC: (In the canal)

MINI ITC & ITC: (In the canal) These Models are slightly larger than their CIC and IIC counterparts, and therefore carry the advantages of being able to fit more components and technology.  ITC and ITE (in the ear) products usually take up the entire space of the ear canal and they are slightly more visible than other smaller models. These products are great for patients who find difficulty managing smaller devices where the slightly increased size gives ease of use, and usually a larger battery size in the the device can be managed easier and also last longer.

Half shell hearing aids
Half shell hearing aids

HALF SHELL: Half shell hearing aids are the second largest type of in the ear hearing aids. These types of products are mainly sought after to provide extra support for the hearing aid when its sitting within the ear canal, as some people find their hearing aids fall out too easily. These types of design also allow for more specific microphone placement as well as blocking out more unwanted sounds resulting in a cleaner signal delivered straight to the eardrum.

Full shell hearing aids
Full shell hearing aids

FULL SHELL: Full shell customs hearing aids are the largest in the ear device and these products usually fill the whole space of the ear canal and concha. These devices are usually designed and fitted for patients who have more severe hearing loss but also require additional options like Bluetooth, wireless, Volume Control, Program Button, T/Coil etc.

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