How Does a Hearing Test Work?

A hearing test, also known as audiometry evaluation, is a painless and non-invasive type of test. It is performed in order to measure various functions of a person’s hearing system, such as ability to identify sounds, pitches, and frequencies. There are various factors that could impede a person’s ability to hear these types of sounds so a hearing test can assess the problem. This test is also performed before and after a surgery to determine if hearing loss is restored, and to what extent.

A hearing test will target the three distinct parts of the ear: outer, middle, and inner ear. Through this test, you will be able to identify any hearing problem such as sensorineural hearing loss (caused by damage to the cochlea) and conductive hearing loss (damage to the eardrums). There are a variety of tests that can be performed based on symptoms and initial diagnosis.

Types of Hearing Tests

Are you in need of a hearing test? At Discount Hearing Australia, you will find a variety of hearing tests available to suit your specific hearing problems. Not all tests are created equal. Each type is designed to target specific areas of the auditory system in order to pinpoint exactly the root of the problem.

We offer hearing tests for children and adults. This test is completely painless. It is done to check the extent of your hearing loss. It can be used to diagnose your hearing problem, or to recommend the appropriate solution to restore your hearing to normal.

The test can be done in as short as 30 minutes. But it will depend on your symptoms and type of hearing loss problem (as there might be more tests recommended). You can browse our website to learn more about the various types of hearing solutions and aids that we offer. However, we recommend that you undergo a hearing test prior to choosing what hearing solutions or aids to use.

Quality Audiological Services 

We commit to providing our patients and clients with superior quality audiology service. This quality service begins the moment you walk in for your hearing test. We use state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to offer accurate diagnosis so that we can recommend the most suitable treatment (as per your diagnosis). We can provide the hearing test in one of our clinics or remotely – so for people living in rural areas we can assist, we give you the options needed to get your hearing tested by the experts. But before you undergo a hearing test, we provide consultation for free so you will be informed before about what to expect during the test.

Discount Hearing Australia Testing Locations

Discount Hearing Australia has various clinics located across Sydney. Our clinic locations include Darlinghurst, Bondi Junction, Kogarah, and St. Leonards. To visit any one of our locations click here.

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